Home appliances are very important elements in our life as they facilitate our daily activities. The problem with these appliances is that they break down very often which may cause disorder in our life routine. Some people would repair their broken appliances on their own because they think that hiring a repair company is more expensive.

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What about you? Are a do it yourselfer when it comes to appliance repairs? It is good to handle your repairs on your own, but it’s recommended too that you get some professional help from time to time to fix your broken appliances.

The dryer is one of most important appliances can be found at home. This machine helps housewives in their homework. It is actually used to dry clothes and other textiles by removing moisture from them after being washed in a washer.

Like any other appliance, dryer can break down in any moment, and thus you will have to find a solution to get your broken dryer repaired. Dryer malfunctions are usually related to thermal fuses, switches, electricity, and thermostats motor. You know that dryer is broken when:

  • it doesn’t turn on
  • it is burning your clothes
  • it isn’t heating
  • it isn’t tumbling

When you notice the mentioned signs, you need to make sure it is damaged before calling a repairman. So you should check:

  • If it is plugged in
  • If the motor is seized
  • If the belt is broken
  • If there is nothing blocking the front of the dryer

Once you are certain that the dryer is damaged, all you have to do is get in touch with Domestic Services and we’ll get your dryer repaired as soon as possible.


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