The oven is an essential element in the home. This appliance is a needed element in the kitchen and when it stops working it’s going to be a big problem. There are two types of ovens: the electric oven and the gas oven. When it comes to repair, electric oven are more complicated than gas ovens, and they needs professional help to get them repaired.


If you have a gas oven, then it would be much easier to get it repaired on your own. But it’s not the case with electric ovens.  Electric ovens usually require special repair methods that should be carried out by technicians.

Repairing your broken oven yourself is not always a good idea, because there malfunctions that need to be handled by repair technicians.

Let’s see the most common issues with gas oven? There are actually several issues that can occur with gas ovens such as:

  • Delayed Ignition
  • Oven burner fails to light
  • Gas leak
  • Inadequate Lighting

When it comes to electric ovens, there are other problems:

  • The oven doesn’t work
  • The oven doesn’t heat
  • Oven indicator lights do not work

If you think you’re able to repair your malfunctioning, just do it. But if you encountered some problems in the repair process, don’t bother yourself and just give us a call. But you should first make sure that the oven is damaged.

Our company is specialized in home appliance repairs. Domestic Services hire professional staff of skilled repair technicians that can fix any type of malfunction. Get in touch with us and we’ll send you help right away.


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